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  1. Do you know how to make dandelion tea? Or is it better to buy it from the healthy food store?

  2. Dear SweetArt Supplies,

    Its funny you asked about dandelion tea, as it is on my list of posts, especially now that spring is here and dandelions are sprouting up everywhere! Most commercially produced dandelion tea products are made from the dandelion root, as it has many benefits. But the greens are extremely high in vitamins, minerals and have great cleansing properties (liver and kidneys). The list goes on of the fantastic benefits. In the link below you can read more about dandelion root. As far as making the dandelion leaf tea - as long as you use young, clean (carefully harvested, no pesticide) leaves, you can use them by directly steeping them in boiled water - or dry them first then use them as a tea. You can add lemon, mint, honey,or ginger to improve the flavour. Good luck!