Friday, March 02, 2012

The Bee's Knees

Ok, so I woke up the other morning with a puffy eye that was red and itchy...could it have been Pinkeye?!

I am not one to automatically turn to Pharmaceuticals to treat every ailment that comes my way, instead I prefer to go the 'natural remedies' route as it often doesn't involve a cost and is much easier on the body...

One of my favourite go to remedies is pure, clear unpasteurized honey. Honey contains Bee Pollen and has amazing anti-bacterial properties. Its one of those staples we tend to have at home and is most importantly: ALL Natural. I will caution you here on the ALL Natural bit - I recommend buying honey that has been harvested locally - by that I mean close to where you reside. There are two reasons for this. First, the bees collect the pollen from plants that are native to where you live, which means the honey you consume contains antihistamines that your body needs to prevent allergies which can be set-off by native plants in your area (such as hay fever). Essentially your immune system gets a boost from the local honey, which enables it to better deal with seasonal allergies. Secondly, there are many honey products for sale under a No Name label. These types of  honey are often imported from Asia, where they are over-processed to a point where they no longer contain actual Bee Pollen and worse contain additives that are bad for us. So make sure your honey is made in Canada, or better yet in your neck of the woods.

The first part of my eye treatment involved blending equal parts unpasteurized honey with boiling water, which I stirred until the honey was dissolved. I let it cool to room temperature, then using a clean cotton swab, I dabbed a small amount of the honey liquid into my eye (remember not to let the contaminated cotton swab come into contact with the liquid...). I dabbed the swab in my eye about three times, blinking to distribute the remedy.

At the same time I boiled a small cup of Camomile tea and let that cool to room temperature. Using a cotton ball, I dabbed my eyelid with the concentrated Camomile tea, which took away the swelling - almost instantly!
I repeated this process three times per day for two days and 'VOILA' my eye cleared up completely!

Note to self: throw away that old mascara - its a breeding ground for bacteria!!

Now if of course, the condition persists, you should have a Doc check things out - but why not try the Natural Route first?


  1. Very interesting. I've heard about the local honey having good things in there for you, since it is made from plants in your area. Where we live now, there are many local honey producers (we joke that we moved to the land of milk & honey, as we have an award winning cheese factory and many local honey producers around here).
    Great tips, Marlies! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Thanks Jeanine, where in Manitoba are you - I am originally from Fort Rouge (Winnipeg)and I remember the local honey when I was growing up there.

  3. My hubby uses green tea for styes on his eyes. Works like a charm. I'll have to keep camomile in mind for swelling though!