Friday, March 07, 2014

Awesome Feature on the Real Women Of Philadelphia Web-site Today

Three years ago I entered a contest hosted by Kraft Canada called the Real Women of Philadelphia. After joining the site as a member, I met an incredible group of women and eventually we formed an alliance called 'The Canadian Cookies'.

Today Philly Canada has featured us on their web-site, telling the story of how we met and who we are.

I am so grateful for this amazing group of women, who have become some of my best friends!

(From left to right - Miriam Borys, Lyndsay Wells, Elisa Squazzin-Hendricks, Candice Meghan and me)

Our group consists of 12 ladies in total, from the West Coast to Ontario. Many of us have already met in person, but my dream would be for all of us to be together one day under the same roof to celebrate our amazing friendship. This photo was taken at one of our 'West Coast Cookies' reunions. 

Check us out HERE

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