Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Natural Fabrics

Have you ever heard of Yak Down or Lyocell? These are some of the new resources that are being woven into 'greener', more sustainable textiles found in some of the most obscure places around the world. 

Adding to the old stand-bys: linen, cotton, silk and wool are these newbies; hemp, bamboo, soy and no your eyes are NOT deceiving you Yak Down...You have probably heard of Alpaca and Llama wool, but Yak Down? The yak is a large animal indigenous to the Himalayas, where it requires not only space to roam, but a thick coat to stay warm! The downy fibres are combed from the yak, then spun together with sheep's wool, hemp or soy fibres to create a hybrid cashmere. 

Lyocell impressed me just as much, as it is derived from sustainably harvested trees. Essentially the wood pulp is combined with hemp and wool to create a soft, wrinkle resistant fabric similar to rayon. 

Hemp and bamboo are some of the most sustainable crops, thriving in either minimal farming space, little water and without pesticides or herbicides. The resulting fabrics are soft, and supple - ideal for clothes and bedding for infants and babies.

I came across THIS web-site while searching for some greener fabric options for a project I am working on.  I am all about natural options and these sustainable and organic textiles are not only safe for our environment, they are a great example of the endless possibilities available for clean production. And I LOVE that companies like this one adhere to labour practices that don't violate human rights.

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