Monday, April 02, 2012

Its Easter about an easy craft project to get you hoppin'?

I love to prepare for Easter, because I am truly a traditionalist...decorations, crafts, food and more food are part of my repertoire for a great Easter celebration! This week I will be sharing a fun craft idea, some decor tips and awesome recipes for a beautiful Easter Sunday Brunch. I hope you come by and check things out as the week unfolds!

Lets begin the week with Easter Surprise Eggs

As usual I am all about recycling and other than depositing my egg shells into the compost, which is great for the soil in my veggie patch, I like to find purposeful ways to utilize things...and egg shells make the perfect little containers, so this is what I came up with...

To make these adorable little treats this is what you will need:

Empty egg shells, as many as you like. The trick is to crack them close to the edge, so there is more room to fill - wash them out and let them dry first. 

You will need some colourful paper napkins and tissues, a variety of candies - I also add some healthier treats like yoghurt covered raisins and mixed nuts; pinking sheers or scissors and a glue stick.

Cut circles out of the decorative paper with pinking sheers, decorative craft scissors or regular scissors.
Remove the inner lining (the white paper) from the tissue - you should be left with one white inside layer and a colourful outside layer.

Fill egg shells with your favourite candies, nuts or dried fruit.

Using a glue stick, run a rim of glue around the side of the open edge of the egg shell. Carefully press tissue along the glue edge, sealing the contents in the egg.

Voila! To eat, just tear open the tissue to reveal the surprise...


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