Monday, March 12, 2012

Yoga or Aerobics?

When its time for that workout, are you a die-hard aerobics fan, who's enviably coordinated, all jumping jacks and flailing arms, while gasping for that next breath, or do you prefer a slower, more controlled workout, painfully holding poses and tuning in to your Drishty, while having to remind yourself to keep breathing?

I am a glutton for both...ugh - well I have to admit, as far as aerobics, I fit more into the embarrassingly uncoordinated group, who positions herself in the last row in order to follow whoever the keener is in front.

I stopped going to public aerobics classes for that reason, yeah there were too many head-on collisions that could have been avoided if I were just able to get it together. My least favourite combo was the grapevine, a convoluted move requiring great concentration (on my part) crossing over feet and reversing direction, one I bombed on even after a year participating in the same class with the same instructor! And so I felt in the best interest of public safety it was my duty to resign from public fitness classes for good, choosing instead to partake in the comfort and privacy of my own four walls...

Skinny Bitch Fitness are my go-to DVDs for fun, total body workouts, that do sometimes involve coordination, but now only the dog can laugh...

My favourite is Skinny Bitch Body, which is a one hour work-out targeting arms, abs, legs and butt-or ASS... as the two cheeky hosts with the most call it. The workout is literally 'kick-ass' featuring a combination of Yoga moves, Asian and South American Martial Arts. The best part of the workout is that it can be done in the privacy of your own home (so you don't have to be embarrassed if you are feeble at coordination, like me...).
I am totally addicted to the workout, getting that pseudo 'runners high' as it not only makes you feel good about yourself, but gives you the chance to have some fun while you're working this I have learned not to take myself so seriously - imagine yourself doing the SUMO in front of the TV screen - YES in a half-squat, slapping your thighs while chanting Aaa-hiaah!!

Rating: *****/5

Yoga is something I indulge myself in, as it not only gives me the body workout I desire, but the mind and body connection. The poses, or Asanas create great body strength as well as an opportunity the be in the moment and focus on what is going on inside, an important factor in staying balanced. Now this is where I do attend public classes. For me it is just as important to feel the energy from the other Yogis in the studio, as it is to get my workout. I feel much more grounded after a Yoga session, especially when reflecting on gratitude and sending out healing thoughts to those in need.

 I have been part of the same Yoga studio for 8 years. I have my favourite instructors and favourite fellow Yogis, who contribute to the overall good energy in the studio. But, I have recently subscribed to a free on-line Yoga group called Do Yoga with Me, which gives me the opportunity to do Yoga in the comfort of my home, or back yard (weather permitting), on those days when I am just not up to facing the world (we all have our bad days). But taking the time to engage in Yoga always makes me feel much better.

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