Monday, April 02, 2012

Living Life Naturally is one month old today!

I cannot believe that its already been one month since I first launched my new Blog! And a very exciting and interesting month its been: from my introduction video to putting together the pages, posting recipes and stories, while always keeping good health in mind...of course! 

I have had a blast and I am so excited about the future of my Blog, as I have so many ideas that I am eager to share right here with you! Which brings me on the topic of you: I would like to send out my heartfelt thanks to you, my viewers who are stopping by to visit my blog - I am pleased to say that my views have hit the 1100 mark in one month alone! That may not seem huge, because many blogs get thousands of hits per day, but I am so grateful to those of you who are visiting and helping develop a following!  

Did you know that I already have an International following? Yes, not just North America (including the US and Canada), but the UK, Ireland and Isle of Man, Russia, Germany, France, Argentina, Brazil, The Philippines and even Rwanda!

I find this so fascinating and it makes me curious to know who you are  - You can sign up as a member (its free) and leave comments, too. 

So many thanks again to my visitors and followers. I am thrilled to be connected with you in some way and as always hoping I am encouraging you to live life...naturally!

For those of you who missed my introduction video, here it is again...

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