Monday, May 14, 2012

A Beautiful Mother's Day Leads To Photographic Inspiration

Yesterday I went on an adventure for Mother's Day - that is, the day started out with a beautiful buffet-style brunch with Hubs, Mr. S. and Mr. J. at the Furry Creek golf course, near Squamish, BC. The offerings were more than delectable - fresh seafood (mussels, clams, prawns, smoked salmon) a wonderful variety of cheeses and breads and crackers, salads, including one of my favourites: Tomato and Bocconcini, Eggs  Benedict (with ham as well as with smoked salmon), designer omelets, baked ham, pasta etc. etc. etc...did I mention the dessert table with about 12 different cakes to choose from...? Aaaah - died and gone to heaven! Mother's Day is one of those rare occasions when I gladly jump off the wagon and dive into my once favourite foods...I am paying for it today - but yesterday I was in absolute bliss!!

Furry Creek is a 25 minute scenic drive from Vancouver along the Sea to Sky highway en route to Whistler. I never tire of the striking views from the car as we head north along this beautiful road taking in vistas of deep blue ocean and pristine white glaciers topping great mountains rising out of the sea. We live in God's Country and it is absolute heaven!

After brunch we decided to take a tour of the old Britannia Mines at Britannia Beach. The copper mine was built in the early 1920's and drove the population in the area up to about 60,000 in its hay-day. I was feeling grateful for the quick journey via the highway, as the trek used to take an entire day by steamboat, then vehicle...Britannia has been all but abandoned since the mine closed in 1972, with some die-hard residents taking up living quarters in a trailer park and the odd home high up on the hill. Apparently the land has been sold to a developer and in time Britannia Beach will enjoy another hay-day...wondering how much those lots are...
I would be amiss to say that I had dressed for the occasion of mine exploring, as I was clad in a dress and sandals, more appropriate for brunch at a swishy golf course -than traipsing through a damp, dark cave...but donning a hard hat and wrapping myself in my thin shrug was just going to have to do the trick.

I looked ridiculous.

The small train took us through a short stretch of track and our tour guide did a fabulous job at taking us back to a time when workers literally died for their money - operating machines coined 'the widow-maker' and earning a mere $3/day - rent at the time was only $1 a month though, so I guess the pain was worth it. I promised myself never to complain over any job again...

The highlight for me was a visit to the building where the actual refining of the ore took place. To say that the interior is a photographer's dream would be an understatement! I went completely snap-happy and almost filled my camera's memory card in minutes. Not only was this building interior a feast for the photographic eyes, but the vibe I felt standing amongst a primitive architectural marvel was both strange and beautiful at the same time. Our tour guide let me in on a well-kept secret: the society occasionally hosts live concerts in the facility and apparently the acoustics are amazing...I will be keeping my eye on their web-site for that announcement. I'll be there!

I would like to share some of the photos I took inside the facility...I like to describe them as "Industrial Beauty"...

Mother's Day continued at home with a visit from my Mom for a glass or two of pink champagne with raspberries, and a wonderful dinner of Garlic-Lemon Linguine with Fresh Shrimp prepared and cooked by Hubs and our older son Mr. J...what a fantastic day it was!

Lemony Shrimp Scampi Pasta - this recipe is from Melissa d'Arabian from the Food Network show Ten Dollar Dinners. I have made this dish many times and it is really delicious - its SUPER easy and uses very few ingredients...this is what my boys cooked for me last night -and here is the link for the recipe:Lemony Shrimp Scampi Pasta

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