Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Night Cocktail!

I am thinking about Bumbleberry Pie - don't ask me why, but maybe its because the blackberry and raspberry bushes at the back of our yard are growing fast and furious and I can already imagine the taste of the gorgeous jam I am going to make this summer! Oh yes, and bumbleberry pie just happens to be one of my favourite desserts...
To banish the waiting until the berries are ripe, I have concocted a refreshing Martini using vodka, blackberry and raspberry liqueurs as well as tart lemonade. This one is a KEEPER!! YUMM-E!

The Bumbleberry Lemonade Martini
2 ounces Vodka
2 ounces Blackberry Liqueur
1 ounce Raspberry Liqueur
3 ounces Lemonade

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker over ice. Shake then strain into chilled Martini Glass.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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