Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Last Day for a chance to win this great give-away!!!!

My blog has been up and running for exactly 2 months today! Happy Birthday living life...naturally!

I am totally amazed by how this site has been evolving - with viewers from all over the world taking time to come by and visit. Its so humbling that creating a site like this can attract the attention of so many people. I am self-taught. I had never done anything like this prior to launching this blog. I used to give my two teen-aged boys a hard time about social networking - constantly 'hanging around' Facebook and wondered - what is all this buzz about?
It wasn't until I joined the Real Women of Philadelphia contest last spring that I delved into the realm of social networking. It was here that I found myself communicating with random people from across Canada - fellow foodies all fighting for a chance at becoming the next on-line food star. But as much as it was a competition, a small group of us found ourselves continually gravitating towards a deeper friendship.

Even after the contest had ended, our cyber friendships continued to blossom and we even set up some 'in person' meetings, which only strengthened these friendships. Keeping in touch electronically was such an easy way to stay connected to these women as we continued to share ideas. I remember a post that came through from one of the RWOP suggesting starting up a foodie alliance with some of the women involved in the RWOP contest. This could be a way for us to feature each others blogs and web-sites sending traffic back and forth, and thus gaining more exposure. And so the 'Canadian Cookies' was born. There was just one problem...I didn't have a blog yet...

A little tentative to try and teach myself something so new and complicated, I had been putting it off for months. This was my googled how to start a blog and within 4 days I had something I thought could be worthy of sharing with the world. As much as I felt I had created this incredible site: the layout, photos, colours and all, I must admit I was nervous about it actually going live. Would others think it was as fabulous as I thought it was? Would they even stop by to take a look? How would they even know I existed?
I remember expressing my reservations with my friends, the Canadian Cookies and one response that stands out for me from fellow foodie blogger Jeanine was: "Marlies, build it and they will come...". And you did! I have to thank the Canadian Cookies for continuing to promote my brand new blog these past two months, and those of you who have been forwarding my site info to your friends and family via Facebook! This is so much fun!! Who says "you can't teach an old dog new tricks...?" (it may take little longer, but hey - anyone can do this if they put their mind to it!)

So, if you haven't had a chance to enter my GIVE-AWAY yet, today is your last chance. The give-away will end tonight at 12:01 AM Eastern time (that's how 'rafflecopter' has it set up). So if you are from the West that means you'll have until 9:01PM. I will be announcing the lucky winner tomorrow morning on my blog.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Aw, so glad that you got your blog up and running, Marlies, and glad that I can say "I was there when it all began". :) Congrats on the first 2 months, and here's to many more!