Thursday, May 03, 2012

Some Great Cook Books as reviewed by Matt Armenderiz of Matt Bites

I recently found this great food blog by Matt Armenderiz called Matt Bites. Matt's most recent blog post is a review of  5 different cookbooks. The first one is about cooking in the Southern USA, think fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits and catfish; the second features recipes for basic British cooking - baked beans, English muffins...number three is featured here on my page and talks more about food as it relates to a community; number four is about keeping things simple in the kitchen - everyday easy recipes and finally a gluten free Asian cookbook!
I have always had an obsession with cookbooks and my library has been growing steadily since I moved away from home in my late teens. Over the years I have taken many an inspiration from my collection, whether for learning something new about a specific ethnic food, as a guideline for cooking temperatures as well which spices are harmonious with certain foods and as inspiration for my food photography.

I am always keen to learn about what's new and trendy in the food world, so I spend a fair bit of time on the internet researching and educating myself, however, one of my favourite past times is simply poring over the glossy pictures in one of my many cookbooks while sipping a nice cup of tea.

Here are some of the books Matt has recently reviewed and it looks like I may be taking a trip to the book store really soon! Check out the link to Matt Bites/Book Reviews here:

Cook Book Reviews

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